2-Hour Mojito or Martini Cocktail Workshop and Competition

fkcc workshopThis interactive 2 hour workshop will describe the history and preparation of Mojitos or Martinis and their flavors using mixology and the freshest of fruits and ingredients. Elite Bartending School Mixologists will teach the process of Mojito or Martini preparation to each person in the group. After the basic Mojito or Martini is learned and constructed by everyone we will end with a “Best Cocktail Competition” Each participant will be asked to construct their own Mojito or Martini using all available ingredients such as fruits, juices, and other additives and unique ingredients . Each Cocktail will be judged by Elite’s Mixologists and everyone participating, and we will give away prizes such as t-shirts and bar equipment (muddlers and shaker tins) and a bottle of Bacardi Rum to the voted on “Best Cocktail”. This workshop is lightly catered with light bites,and taught on campus at FKCC on Friday and Saturday evenings. Join us!

Customized Mixology and Flair Workshops

elite-bartending-sw-workshop-1In charge of your groups next fun activity? Or maybe hosting an Event or having a party? Than Elite Bartending School’s 3 hour Workshops could be for you. These customized workshops are designed for fun, aimed for someone who either is or isn’t familiar with bar knowledge, mixology, Flair Bartending, or even both.. You can come to us, or we can come to you. Elite has customized our Workshops for all group sizes big or small as well whether it’s a party of 5 or 500. And, whether you want to learn a bit more about Mojitos, Specialty Martinis, Flair Bartending, or Mixology, we have you covered. This workshop educates and instructs its participants all while making some really great cocktails and having a blast in doing so. These workshops are usually lightly catered and complementary water, beer, and wine. Call 305-460-8070 for more information and pricing!

Flair Workshop

RDZ_0080The 3 Hour Flair Workshop is designed for either the experienced or inexperienced bartender or anyone that has ever been interested in this eye catching skill. Our Workshop introduces you to the amazing world of flair bartending using basic Working Flair techniques, such as mesmerizing pours that are useful behind the bar, and simple tricks that never slow down service. Flair will amaze your customers and in turn increase tips behind the bar while establishing a great customer connection. The Flair Workshop is taught by award winning Flair Bartenders from all around the world who have competed in some of the biggest flair competitions to date and have mastered the art of Working, Exhibition and Tandem flair. This workshop includes Beer and Champagne and is also lightly catered.

Flair Hard Program Miami


11The Flair Hard Program Miami was created by Elite Bartending School and a team of Professional Flair Bartenders who have developed the most advanced hands on Working and Exhibition Flair Program in the world. After years of instilling the craft of Flair in them with years of practice, encountering constant struggles, trials, and challenges their hard work has paid off and they have solidified The Flair Hard Program. The Flair Hard Program is designed for the bartender looking to advance their bartending capacity to include the skills in Flair, setting themselves apart from the others in the bartending world. Taught on the sands of Miami Beach the Flair Hard Program is extremely hands on taught over 30 hours twice a week. Students are quickly able to see the progression and development in their coordination and Flair skills. The Flair Hard Program is also routinely visited by professional flair instructors from around the world who guest appear and share their talents with the members of the class. The Flair Hard Program is complemented with an extensive manual and comprehensive DVD with all moves and routines that are learned in the program so that students can also practice in the comfort of their own home.

Don’t just be a Bartender….Be a Flair Hard Bartender!